vourliaaa - PROTI ISLAND

Boating and Snorkeling


Families with children, groups of young people, but also several divers who attend diving lessons, visit the small beach of Vourlias, which is located in a quiet cove with crystal clear waters in the northern part of the island. At that point, hikers have the opportunity just a few meters from the beach, to see a sunken boat that some parts are very close to the surface.

Access to this small but special beach and the Island, which has the shape of a crocodile, is easy with the frequent itineraries of Proti Cruises, which starts from the port of Marathos.

On the way back, after your swim, enjoy the sea tour offered by Ioannis Terizakis, passing by the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Gorgopigi which celebrates on August 23 and September 24. 

As in the past Proti was a shelter for sailors, you will also see wishes for a good passage of ships carved on the rocks, an elephant looking at Marathopolis and the famous seal cave.

So get ready, as long as the weather allows, for an unforgettable trip to the unique beauties of our area.

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