Domaine Dereskos Wine tasting

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The olive trees, harvest en Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Koroneiki is the best olive for healthy olive oil and it is abundant in the Gialova Messinia area.

Buy fresh fish from a fisherman at the harbor of Pylos

If you wake up early, you can buy fresh fish at the harbor of Pylos

Waterfalls of Valta

(Distance from Gialova – 23 km)
5 km north of Gargaliani, lies the valley of Valta where it crosses a river with beautiful waterfalls and lakes created on its banks.

Along the river crosses the forest and the old path used by the inhabitants of Valta and the surrounding area as a passage to reach Town of Filiatra.

On the opposite hill called Kastraki, traces of a prehistoric settlement and a tomb with box-like graves have not been excavated yet. There are also the ruins of a palace inhabited by “Helena De Bruyeres” or the so-called “Lady of Morena”, the wife of the baron of the area “Arkadia”, Erados, in honor of which was named (Morena) the wider region.

In order to visit the area, leaving the valley follow the road leading to the “Filiatra – Christianou” street and 1.5 km outside the village turn left to the relevant sign. After a short and easy dirt road you reach the Temple of Evangelistria and at the entrance of the path leading to the interior of the forest.

Proti Island

(Distance from Gialova – 23 km)
Directly opposite Marathoupolis with the background of the immense Ionian Sea, as the natural breakwater, the island of Proti is rising.

The name of the island is probably due to the sea god Proteus, the son of Poseidon. According to the local traditions, it was in the past a shelter of seafarers, but also a Pirates lair, hiding there and their treasures.

Today this island is of great archaeological significance as the ruins of an acropolis of Mycenaean or pre-Classical times with a wall and a circular turret are preserved.

A pole of attraction for the island’s visitors who can go there at any time at the marathon port, is a unique beach, Vourlia, situated in a quiet bay with crystal clear blue waters and white sand.

A unique experience is also the visit to the monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Gorgopigi, located north of the beach of Vourlia and gathers a number of believers on the 15th and the 23rd of August.

An important attraction is the bay situated right in the middle of the island and is called “Grammenos” as it is carved in the rocks wishes for a good guide of the ships. The waters are blue and there, and it is hard to resist their call for a refreshing swim.

On the beautiful islet that is very close to the shores but far from technology, city noises and exhaust gases outside the monastery there are no houses or hotels. There is only nature, a paradise of tranquility and adventure, a natural reservoir of iodine and oxygen.

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Neda River

(Distance from Gialova – 74 km)
The natural border between Messenia and Ilia is the valley of Neda.
Neda, a nymph in mythology and deity of the waters, gave her name to the only female river in Greece.

The passage of Neda is such a shocking and risky adventure as well as an opportunity to enjoy the fact that nature has generously granted to Messenia. Neda compensates those who decide to experience this unprecedented experience in the best way.

Click HERE to view on map and route directions.

Swim in crystal clear waters and with lots of beach destinations.

Windsurfing and surfing for the bravest and adventurous visitors.

Fish and clean waters go together, fry it and enjoy the taste.

Hiking and Walking
Hiking/Walking around the local villages and Divari Lagoon.

Cycling around the local villages and Divari Lagoon.

Climbing to the Castle of Navarino (PaleoKastro) above Voidokilia beach.

King Nestor’s Palace is just a short drive away and Olympia and Ithomi make wonderful day trips.

Wander around the archaeological museum in the agricultural town of Hora.

Explore the Venetian castles of Pylos, Methoni and Koroni.

Natural Habitats
Walks at the beautiful nearby natural habitats. Go bird watching.

Eat at traditional local Taverns.

Have a drink at the sophisticated bars and clubs in Pylos and Gialova.


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